Past Events

​​2023 Run for the Gold to Saratoga via the Snowy Range

​​2023 40th Anniversary Kickoff  at Lincolnway Culver's

June 2022 Blue Federal Credit Union Car show

Culver's Car Show May 2022

Culver's Car Show June 2022 

2022 Run for the Gold to Chimney Rock, Goonies in Scottsbluff, and Chugwater Ice Cream Parlour

​​2021  Meeting at the Bunkhouse

Dellenbach Chevrolet Corvette 29th Annual Show 6-4-2022.

2022 2nd Annual Cars In The Yard at freedoms Edge Brewing

​​​​​​​​​ Corvette...Anything else is just a car!

2023 FE WArren AFB Father's Day Car show

2022 Cars, Cigars and Guitars

I need more pictures. If you have some from past events, send them to me.

Road trip to Morrill NE 10-23-2021. 

Annual club picnic 2023 - 40th Anniversary.